Monday, 28 February 2011

Lady Gaga Born This Way Video

Mother Monster 
Directed by Nick Knight
Similar to Madonna's classic track 'Express Yourself' 
Lady Gaga brings us her highly anticipated 'Born This Way' vid with a twist of sci-fi philosophy

Lin Yu Chun loves a bit of Whit

He is like the Susan Boyle of Taiwan's version of American Idol 'Super Star Avenue' plus a bow-tie & bowl cut
He's now signed to major label Sony
He's Li Yu Chun

Jade Dragon, XO Man, Troy Glasgow & Jden release RED RUM

M-Town Cypher Styleeeee

English Frank "he don't glamourise it he analyse it

You got problems with drugs?! 
Then just talk to Frank
"For backchat famalan will bang a man,
badderman get badded up and battered with my hand,
bodyparts buried in the belly of my land,
better know i'll bury anybody in your clan,
im better than you man,
i bet a man a grand,
im better than better with a beretta in my hand" ahhhahhaa ardd

he Weeknd Photoshoot for Loft Music / Pardon Le Dopeness

Two Tunage from Ed Sheeran's No 5 Collaborations Project

Check out the interview on the project

D o w n l o a d   F o r   F r e e 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lu Lu watch her crank, watch her rolllll' on Comic Relief's Lets Dance 2011

I take my hat off to her' not only is she a UK music legend but she's a supah dupah penisoner. Still flying around the stage at 62 years old.
And she didn't even win but judge Jack Whitehall was rather fond of her act saying;
“I’ve been a fan of contemporary urban hip-hop and gangsta music for some time, so that was spot on. And also you got into the role. You were probably quite intimidating. You wouldn’t look out of place on the night bus, terrorising the elderly. You were fierce. You brought the crank, and I don’t even know what that phrase means.”

Lupe Fiasco talks Politics - Barrack Obama, Bombs & Bloodshead

I figgadeal that Mr Fiasco

Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family Trailer (2011) Starring Lauren London , Bow Wow & Teyanna Taylor

Hmm slightly Big Momma's House meets The Klumps..?
We shall see

Breezy Gone Blonde

"Look At Him Now"
Straight from @chrisbrown & all in time for the run up to his fourth album 'F.A.M.E.'
due to be released 22nd March 

 All the girlies gone Rihanna Red' 
Now its the boys turn bring on' Breezy Blonde

Nardwuar x J. Cole

The Weekend 'What You Want

Panty Dropping Musicccccc

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kesha - Sleazy feat Andre 3K

Produced by Bangladesh

"You can’t imagine the immensity of the f*ck I’m not giving,
About your money and man servant at the mansion you live in,
And I don’t wanna go places where all my ladies can’t get in,
Just grab a bottle, some boys, and let’s take it back to my basement"

Monday, 21 February 2011

United Vibrations 'No Space No Time'

Directed by Dan Axtell & Tano Iozzi

HaRdWoRk EtHiC

All the so-called "secrets of success" will not work unless you do  

PUMA by Hussein Chalayan Summer / Spring 2011

Lil P-Nut Rapper, Singer, Dancer at 7years old #BlaadyNora

He's got freestyles for days, covering all the current 
shiz from the likes of Drake, Rick Ross even Jim Jones,
and he soooo little :)

Kris Van Assche Fall 2011

Bold Belgian Fashion Designer
Brings us his Fall / Winter Kicks Collection for 2011

SB - Alien & Shade Goblin

Designer, Stylist & Alien
"I don't really care about diamondz & real fast cars,
Coz my spaceship can beat your carrrrr"
He's only 21

Friday, 18 February 2011

Keenan Cahill's Story

Whatta inspiring kid

J Cole - Blow Up

Hell nah, gotta degree but what'd that cost you

Your makin good salary, Just to pay Sally May
That's real as ever
Duckin' bill collectors
Like Jehovah's Witness when they showed up at your door at Christmas,
Was broke as dishes, Tryna let it go
Hit the club, She drop it low
Lower than my credit score
Account overdraft, What I got this debit for
So much debt it got me drinkin, Thinkin bitch I better blow
I better blow,
These hoes aint checkin for no nigga with no vehicle,
You border like Meh-He-Co
Ay baby girl what it look like,
Ay where your head at, Ay what you cook like
She say where your bread at, Or whats your whip like
You aint got one or the other, Well brother goodnight

'The Streets' selection this afternoon

from The Streets 'Cyberspace And Reds Deluxe Edition'

Swizz Beatz Reveals Reebok's Reestyle Collective

The Brand Man 
From Audemars Piguet to Christian Louboutin and now Reebok. Swizzy's shows us his latest brand collab 'The Reebok Kamakaze' formally Shawn Kemp's PE 'in the 90's *ushervoice*

WSHH presents Lil Kim Black Friday Video

 Behind The Scenes

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Plan B at Brits Awards 2011

Best British Male Solo Artist
 *claps* well deserved award winner, and probably the best performance i've seen at a British awards - whatta statement performance. And whatta album 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks' his second studio album released in 2010 went straight into the UK album chart at Number #1

The Brits 2011 'and the winners areeeeee..

Congratulationsssss & Celebrationssss

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

J Cole x Drake - Can I Hit It In The Morning

"Make the goosebumps on your inner thighs show" - Drizzy

Rox Rocksteady Vibeeeee

Youtube's highest rated commented on this was..
'Amazing Banging from the Mr Dred!!' 
Aren't people funny

Ay Andreya Triana

First see Andreya at Glastonbury Festival a couple years ago she was narf doing her thang. Similar to Jessie J not in looks clearly, but in the way she sounds oh so much better live than in her radio rips - don't you just wish this was the case for more than a handful of UK artists ey. As fire female MC Lioness says in her new banger All Black Winterness "Your bad only online' like ASOS" alot of these current artists are getting a bit too fond of the ol' online friendlyness. And the more than apparent auto-tune trend - whom i must thank the likes of Drake, Kanye and T-Pain for - Ta lads.
But yah i like her.
 plus she is a fellow curly wurly from South East Londonnnn son' come ornn

Monday, 14 February 2011

Gaga's Eggcellent Grammy Exposé

eggcellent entrance...

hm statement show of flesh..
(Click the photos below and get a close up of the face & shoulders)

A tail of....Love, Hate, Anger, Denial and Acceptance

XO MANs Cupid
 D o w n l o a d   f o r   F r e e

Ahh Valentines Schmalentines

Av a happy one though #GoSnogSomeone 
or don't *shrugsshoulders* 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Learning your own bars for your vid is kinda mandatory right?! *shakeshead* Wrongooo

She's original if anything else
She's definitely her own person
She's very comfortable in her own skin
She's Shimmer Baby!

You Looking At The DanGargon!?

Latest Thang Durrty Pulled Out The Baggg'

Browse him on Westwood TV back in December

Positivity prevails #Amen

Optimism needs to play a greater role is everyone's lives' including mine'
Positivity prevails

Friday, 11 February 2011


The World's 1st Videogame Music Video Brought To Us By.. *DrumRollPlease* N-Dubz!?

The World's 1st Videogame Music Video
Brought To Us By N-Dubz
Merging music and gaming, Camden compadres N-Dubz have used the PlayStation 3 videogame 'LittleBigPlanet 2' to create the music video for their latest single 'Took It All Away'. The threesome feature in the video as their own personalized SackPeople characters upto their usual antics. Created enitrely on the games console, this is believed to be the world's first videogame music video *RoundofApplause* you can't knock 'em mateeee

N-Dubz 1st release of 2011 taken from the classic Rose Royce

N-Dubz first release of 2011 ‘Morning Star', taken from the classic Rose Royce - Wishing on a Star. Featuring on the the trio's latest album Love.Live.Life which sold a quarter of a million copies in the first month.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur Ad for her brand new purrdy perfume

Cars for the Missus' Furs for the Mistress

So what would one refer to a Male Mistress as then..? 
Not a Gigolo' surely? A Gigolo gets his goolies up for guala' 
They're hardly unheard of' they cant be undictionaryised lol