Friday, 18 February 2011

J Cole - Blow Up

Hell nah, gotta degree but what'd that cost you

Your makin good salary, Just to pay Sally May
That's real as ever
Duckin' bill collectors
Like Jehovah's Witness when they showed up at your door at Christmas,
Was broke as dishes, Tryna let it go
Hit the club, She drop it low
Lower than my credit score
Account overdraft, What I got this debit for
So much debt it got me drinkin, Thinkin bitch I better blow
I better blow,
These hoes aint checkin for no nigga with no vehicle,
You border like Meh-He-Co
Ay baby girl what it look like,
Ay where your head at, Ay what you cook like
She say where your bread at, Or whats your whip like
You aint got one or the other, Well brother goodnight

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