Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ay Andreya Triana

First see Andreya at Glastonbury Festival a couple years ago she was narf doing her thang. Similar to Jessie J not in looks clearly, but in the way she sounds oh so much better live than in her radio rips - don't you just wish this was the case for more than a handful of UK artists ey. As fire female MC Lioness says in her new banger All Black Winterness "Your bad only online' like ASOS" alot of these current artists are getting a bit too fond of the ol' online friendlyness. And the more than apparent auto-tune trend - whom i must thank the likes of Drake, Kanye and T-Pain for - Ta lads.
But yah i like her.
 plus she is a fellow curly wurly from South East Londonnnn son' come ornn

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