Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cha Ching Cha Ching #JessieJ #PriceTag

Following her spectacularly splendid show of Price Tag on the prestigious BBC Jools Holland show’ STOMP STOMP its arrived! Directed by Emil Nava she describes the video as: “It’s sort of like this hyper-real, sort of toy world with Jessie bringing a fashion edge to it”. Also featuring B.O.B. who seems to be rather fond of an upcoming collab this side of the pond ey

Im for one glad to see what a series of bedroom & bathroom youtube videos can amount too. May only be onto single No.2 from her debut album ‘Who You Are’ but I think its fair to say that too date her singles have not done too mucho on the ol’ justice front her live performances shit on her radio rips. I only hope that such an incredible raw talent can conjure up a live album in the foreseeable future like that of fellow power female Alicia Key’s Unplugged. Starting out 2011 snapping up the Critic’s Choice award at The Brits lets hope the genetic lovechild of Adele, Nicki Minaj and Lily Allen carried to term by Fergie continues to excel doing what she does best into 2011 and beyondddddd.

A Must See 
Jessie J Live On Jools Holland Show 2010

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  1. Finally!!! just the lady that UK music has been screaming for.